scales-of-justiceRead The Fine Print    Or, have your attorney go over the contract, in detail, before you sign on the dotted line. Here is my case and why I started this blog:

In 2005 I had an auto accident and suffered a herniated disc in my neck. I was offered $1,000 + medical expenses to settle the case by GEICO. On the advice of my Orthopedic Surgeon I went to the firm of Perenich, Carroll, Perenich, Caulfield, Avril, Noyes & Perenich, P.A. 727-796-8282. After a consultation, Mr. Jay Avril said that my case had merit and he agreed to represent me and said that I should not accept the offered settlement from GEICO. Mr. Avril assured me that, if need be, he would take the case to trial. Further, all costs would be paid out of my settlement. Goody, goody, goody! And then my attorney asked me to sign on the “bottom line” which I was soooo to happy do. I thought I had a champion on my side to battle that “big Insurance Company”. Just like in the TV ads I thought had “right” on my side! My attorney was in my corner! So I thought!

A number of months later I was informed, by his office, that Mr. Avril decided not to take the case to trial because of the monetary risk involved should he lose. How about those apples!?!?! The facts of the case did not change in anyway, and no additional information had come to light which was not disclosed during our initial meeting. My attorney decided that my case was not an assured BIG MONEY WINNER!

I was advised to hire another attorney or go to Small Claims Court in order to collect on damages and/or the out-of-pocket medical expenses ($2,600+). When I asked for a release letter I was informed that I owed $531.70 in legal fees regardless if an award payment was not made for my out-of-pocket medical expenses. What happened to his fee being paid by the settlement he told me I would get? This attorney told me that I had a good case then he decides that the case is not rich enough for him and he wants to dump me on another lawyer. The result of my contract with an Attorney is: I suffered an injury, spent money on medical treatment, hired an attorney to represent me… and the attorney gets paid no matter what the outcome. GREAT… The attorney gets a win/win situation!!!! This attorney blatently lied to me not only about bring the matter to court, but also in regards to Geico’s position as well as other assertions made to me.

Don’t let this happen to you! Read your contract line by line AND negotiate points out of the contract things that you believe are unfair to you. Attorneys will negotiate just about everything… even their fees to get a good money generator for their firm! And, don’t ever think your attorney is your “buddy”! They are not. They are just seeing you as more billable hours…. And, sometimes…just sometimes you are better of negotiating with the insurance company yourself.

I just received a reply he had given to It is as follows:

—–Original Message—–
From: <>
To: Jay Avril <>
Sent: Wed Dec 10 13:33:19 2008
Subject: Perenich, Carroll, Perenich, Avril, Caulfield & Noyes P.A.
BlogTruth <>  has found negative feedback about your firm at: <>  [page: Read The Fine Print].

Hi reply: “Always happy to see a satisfied customer.”
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I should have know better to hire him when I saw his picture…



He reminds me of the character on the front page of Mad magazine.  It would be nice if he is sent a few e-mails [], telling what you think of his treament of a client.  Thanks


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