Mission Statement

December 11, 2008


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 The mission of the Attorney/Client forum is to share information and experiences from clients that future clients can learn from.  The forum is intended to help a Client get the best protection and benefit from legal representation by an Attorney from this sharing of information.

If you have had an experience that you feel would help others this forum welcomes you to share this information.    This forum is intended to offer clients advice on how to avoid pitfalls and backlashes before signing an attorney/client contract and, at the same time, benefit the relationship between clients and attorneys.  This forum wants to help you be more aware of things you should know when hiring an attorney. In addition, to make changes in attorney/client contract language this benefits and protects you, the client.  And to recommend Attorneys who are highly qualified and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Hopefully, the byproduct of this forum will help put a positive view back into a client’s perspective of an attorney/client relationship and encourage the legislature to review or enact laws that govern Attorney/Client relationships which are in the best interest of clients and attorneys alike.  

Recently, I have asked law schools and bar associations, throughout the country, to offer suggestions how this blog can be more tailored to be of benefit to both Clients and attorneys.  I will post any suggestions made and, if appropriate, add additional pages as per their suggestions.

 DISCLAIMER: Before posting or replying to a message please read the page entitled “Terms & Conditions”! The administrator is not to be held responsible for the content of any post listed nor do I agree or disagree with any post listed.  By making a post and/or replying to one you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

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